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Dear All, Welcome to Hitachi Special Offer with never before discounts on select AC models.

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Models Available: 

DiscountSelling PricePrice After Discount
Logicool 4100S[ RSG412HCEABW ]123904139029000
Logicool 4100S[ RSD417HCEABW ]171905119034000
Logicool 4100S[ RMC424HCEABW ]182906529047000
Logicool 5100X[ RSG512HCEABW ]146904569031000
Logicool 5100X[ RSD517HCEABW ]193905789038500
Logicool 5100X[ RMC524HCEABW ]209907199051000
Logicool 3100F new[ RSG312HCDOBW ]127903729024500
Logicool 3100F new[ RSD318HCDOBW ]160904559029500
Logicool 3100F new[ RMC322HCDOBW ]169905449037500
Logicool 3100SL[ RSF312HBEAWL ]125904009027500
Logicool 3100SL[ RSD317HBEAWL ]157904829032500
Logicool 3100SL[ RMD322HBEAWL ]163905739041000
Kaze Plus (Window)[ RAW511KUD ]31462763624490
Kaze Plus (Window)[ RAW518KUDZ1 ]38613305129190
Kaze Plus (Window)[ RAW312KWD ]26412393121290
Kaze Plus (Window)[ RAW318KUD ]36062839624790
Kaze Plus (Window)[ RAW222KVD ]23863257630190